News - iCompetences interviews Jamal Moustafaev

Interview with PPM2012 speaker: Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP, Author of the book – Delivering Exceptional Project Results

We are pleased to announce that PPM2012 speaker: Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP, Author of the book ‘Delivering Exceptional Project Results’, has given an exclusive interview with iCompetences in the run up to his speaking session at the Strategic Program & Portfolio Management International Seminar.


Farid Yandouz, iCompetences: Today we are talking to Jamal Moustafaev, MBA and PMP from Vancouver, Canada. Jamal is an internationally acclaimed expert and speaker in the areas of project/portfolio management and an author of the book titled “Delivering Exceptional Project Results: A Practical Guide to Project Selection, Scoping, Estimation and Management”.  Jamal, thank you very much for agreeing to chat with me today.

Jamal Moustafaev: It is my pleasure, Farid. Thank you for the invitation.

Farid Yandouz, iCompetences: So, Jamal, let us start at the very beginning: what is project portfolio management?

Jamal Moustafaev: My favourite “textbook” definition of project portfolio management is:

The science and the art of selecting the best  (i.e. optimal) project mix for the organization subject to known internal and external constraints.

In other words, as a leader of my organization how do I ensure that I deliver the best possible mix of products or services to my customers while respecting my human and other resource constraints?

Farid Yandouz, iCompetences: Why is project portfolio management becoming so popular lately?

Jamal Moustafaev: It has been recently estimated that approximately 40% of our project investments fail to deliver their intended results partially because of our poor delivery and partially because we end up selecting the wrong projects for implementation. To put this in perspective, that is more than $5.2 trillion wasted worldwide. That is trillion with a “t”!