About Thinktank Consulting

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Jamal is the author of three books and two online courses dedicated to project, portfolio and scope management:

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Phone: +1 778 995 4396

E-Mail: jamal@thinktankconsulting.ca


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Company Information

Thinktank Consulting is a professional services company specializing in the following areas:


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The Key Milestones


Thinktank Consulting founded by Jamal Moustafaev as professional services firm focusing mainly on the project management services to information technology and software development companies in the Vancouver, Canada area 


Thinktank Consulting is registered as a corporation under the British Columbia Corporations Act 


First ever offering of a “Project Management Masterclass” for a local technology company 


Jamal conceives an idea for a project and portfolio management book and starts writing it 


“Delivering Exceptional Project Results: A Practical Guide to Project Selection, Scoping, Estimation and Management” is published in USA by J. Ross Publishing

A “Project Portfolio Management Masterclass” course is developed

Thinktank Consulting goes global with clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East 


Jamal is invited to teach his public classes in United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia and several other locations

Jamal is invited to teach his classes and help companies with project and portfolio management implementations to organizations around the world 


Jamal conceives his second book "Project Scope Management: A Practical Guide to Requirements for Engineering, Product, Construction, IT and Enterprise Projects" 


The second book is finished and ready for publishing

A "Project Scope Management (Requirements Engineering) Masterclass" is developed

Jamal starts working on his third book tentatively titled “Project Portfolio Management Theory and Practice: Thirty Case Studies from Around the World”


The "Project Scope Management: A Practical Guide to Requirements for Engineering, Product, Construction, IT and Enterprise Projects" book is in process of being published by the CRC Press