News - Downloadable "Energy Efficient House" Project Charter

Project "Rainforest"

Problem/Opportunity Statement

In order to capture a new and high growth energy efficiency market in the real estate sector ABC Construction shall design and build a new luxury energy efficient house.



ABC Construction shall design and build a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom West Coast style energy efficient (ENERGY STAR certified) home by March of 2011 .The scope of the project shall consist of the following features (see Table 1):

Table 1

Feature ID

Feature Description

F 1.0

West Coast style

F 2.0

Five bedrooms

F 3.0

Four bathrooms

F 4.0

Square Footage - 3500-4500 sq feet

F 5.0

Two floors

F 6.0

Energy efficient


ROM Budget and Schedule

Budget - $1,400,000 +/- 150,000

Timeline - 9 months

Importance Factors

  • Scope and Quality - 70%,
  • Budget - 15%,
  • Time - 15%


Project Feasibility

This project is valuable for the ABC Construction from three perspectives:

  1. ABC Construction shall generate the experience and obtain the skills necessary for the design and construction of luxury energy efficient homes.
  2. ABC Construction shall showcase the home at the Home Design Expo in April 2013 generating additional publicity for the company
  3. ABC Construction shall put the house for sale after completion and generate additional revenue from the proceeds


Stakeholder Register

Table 2



President and CEO

Darren Bolds

VP Marketing

Tameka Finnen

Project Manager

Neil Argento

Senior Architect

Nelson Hauk

Director, Sales

Kelly Winnett



Table 3

Risk ID

Risk Description


The project will involve new techniques and technologies poorly known to ABC Construction; this could lead to costly mistakes and time overruns


There is a possibility that the energy management experts whose knowledge is essential to this project will not be readily available on the market


There is a possibility that due to its complexity and newness the project will not be finished by March 2013 deadline



Table 4

Assumption  ID

Assumption  Description


It is assumed that the project "Rainforest" team shall have access to the most experienced architects, designers and construction specialists available to the ABC Construction


It is assumed that the original budget of $1,400,000 +/- 150,000 will not be changed or downgraded in any way


It is assumed that the project "Rainforest" team shall be able to freely outsource energy efficiency nodules to external energy management specialists



Table 5

Constraint  ID

Constraint  Description


The project must be completed by March 2012


The home must obtain an ENERGY STAR certification from the independent ENERGY STAR partner


Download the MS Word version of the document here


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