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Project "Airport Check-In Kiosk Software"

Problem/Opportunity Statements

O:  Divert the customer traffic away from check in attendants, thus reducing the costs

O: Better quality of service - higher availability

O: Faster passenger processing



ABC Software Systems  shall study, configure and implement the Airport Check-In Kiosk software system for  XYZ Airlines by September of 2010. The project scope shall consist of the following features:


Table 1

Feature ID

Feature Description

F 1.0

Kiosk Menu

F 2.0

Traveler Identification

F 3.0

Traveler Reservation Search

F 4.0

Confirm or Change Seat

F 5.0

Pay for Luggage

F 6.0

Print Boarding Pass

F 7.0


NOTE: ABC Software is responsible for the delivery of the check-in software; actual kiosk hardware shall be procured, designed and delivered independently by XYZ Airlines and its vendors.


ROM Budget and Schedule

Budget - $100,000 +/- 50,000

Timeline - 6 +/- 2 months


Importance Factors

Scope and Quality - 50%,

Budget - 30%,

Time - 20%


Project Feasibility

The Airport Check-In Kiosk software project is expected to generate the following benefits for the XYZ Airlines:

  1. XYZ Airlines is expecting to decrease its check-in costs by 15-20%
  2. Company is expecting an improvement in the levels of customer service


Stakeholder Register

Table 2



Project Manager - ABC

Dennis Samons

Business Analyst - ABC

Alma Lupo

VP Product Development - ABC

Harold Melanson

VP Professional Services - ABC

Jacob Therrien

VP Customer Care - XYZ

John Hetrick

Manager Marketing - XYZ

Irma Eller



Table 3

Risk ID

Risk Description


Initial scope of the project may be too limited to include all the required functionality


Possible changes in government regulations


Will have to rely of the process description provided by the XYZ employees rather than           input from actual travellers



Table 4

Assumption  ID

Assumption  Description


It is assumed that ABC project team will have access to additional SMEs from the XYZ Airlines



Table 5

Constraint  ID

Constraint  Description


Aggressive timeline


Budget is capped at $150,000


Updated SOP and Training must be delivered in order for this project to succeed


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